LisaSpiralBesnettThere is a standing challenge for readers, can you read 50 books a year.  I do this pretty regularly without trying.  I read a lot.  There is a good percentage of that reading that is quick and easy.  I read children’s books, a good deal of teen fiction and a (more than) occasional romance novel.   I probably only read about 4 non-fiction books a year.  I pick up more than that, but I don’t often read them through.  I’ll find myself reading a series after most of them have been published so I can breeze through the whole set without pauses.  I love my public

But I am a writer and a blogger (Spiral Visions is my weekly blog).  My book Manifest Divinity (non-fiction, doesn’t it figure)  has made me truly appreciate the value of readers and especially of those readers willing and able to write a review.  So I set myself a challenge of 50 reviews in a year and I set up this blog to help me meet that challenge.

I won’t suggest that you’ll like everything that I read, or that I’ll cover your favorite genre.  I won’t even promise to read books that are current.  If you’ve read a book I review please feel free to comment adding your own thoughts.  We don’t have to agree, we just have to play nice.logoimage


Have you read this book? Please leave a comment.

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